Endometriosis: Online Arts Project



 This endometriosis project was seeded in Autumn, when amber leaves were falling, and the rain was pitter-pattering against the window pane…

In the last year, a couple of women with endometriosis – from interstate and overseas – have expressed an interest in attending my arts-based workshops, but distance has been a problematic factor. Therefore, I began to wonder about the possibility of the women doing art, in relation to endometriosis, at home, then I would find a ‘space’ where the women would be able to share their experiences, in particular, with other women with endometriosis…

From these thoughts, a project blossomed…

For 8 weeks, beginning in early June, a process of ‘triangulation’ will occur…

Two women with endometriosis will make art ‘from afar’, photograph it, and send it to me. Then, I will upload it to this blog…

Finally, I will reflect on their artwork. 

(Endometriosis has also been a part of my world.)

Throughout the process, we will all be in touch…and I will put the women’s art in touch with other women with endometriosis…  


For “Erynn’s” Story: 


For 2. “?’s”  Story:  



Please feel free to join us on this journey…endometriosis – or not – your comments will be warmly welcomed… 

N.B. Please keep comments brief and project focussed.  


Warm Regards,

                                                                                                                                  Tricia  Ong M.C.A.T.|| Creative Arts Therapist…

 Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia…

27 May 2010… 

  Email: tmong@iinet.net.au 


Endometriosis is…  

“Endometriosis is a common gynecological condition that affects one in 10 women in their reproductive years, and sometimes women beyond menopause. It takes many forms – implants, nodules and cysts. Common implantation sites include the pelvic lining and cavity, ovaries, fallopian tubes, ligaments of the uterus, and the cavity behind the uterus near the bowel. Less common sites include the appendix, surface of the bladder, outer wall of the uterus, surface of the small and large bowels, and more. 

Though rare, it has also been found in surgical and caesarian scars, diaphragm, lungs (can be life-threatening), navel, breasts, arms, legs, groin, nose and eye! 

Symptoms of endometriosis are variable, and can include period pain, chronic pelvic pain, pain with sex, lower back pain, ovulation pain (including thigh pain) bowel and bladder symptoms, abnormal menstrual bleeding, abdominal bloating, fatigue and PMS Symptoms. 

Infertility is an issue for 30% of women with endometriosis. 

To this day, there is no known cause or cure for endometriosis, and women often experience a significant delay to diagnosis – on average 10 years – because period pain is often trivialized by GPs, which means that women are often not referred to gynecologists for specialist care. In addition, endometriosis is often incorrectly diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.

The only way to diagnose endometriosis is via surgery.”


– This extract is taken from  “Secret Women’s Business” by Tricia Ong, published in the Summer Issue of  the magazine “Finally at 40, Life Begins” , December 2009. 


18 Responses to “Endometriosis: Online Arts Project”

  1. GR8 website Tricia – your projects are fantastic.

  2. wow..this is such an amazing opportunity..great work tricia..your contribution to the women who suffer from various diseases and problems is amazing..with more women being involved with your workshops it is making it possible for women to realise that they’re not alone..your such an inspirational person and your work should be commended..
    thank you again

  3. Thank you for keeping me informed, this is such a great idea, I look forward to the unfolding progress of this Artwork.

    Patrick Loverso

  4. I would like to thank you for your online arts project… I am an artist and have suffered severe endo since my early teens, not diagnosed until 35, and I am now nearing 49 with no sign of slowing down. I know that education in dealing with this dreadful disease is paramount.. The huge impact on one’s quality of life both physical and emotional is highly underrated and getting the word out is so important.

    Thank You.

  5. As both a woman with endometriosis and one who works in the industry, I want to thank you for undertaking this crucial endeavor. It is inspiring and motivating to see talented individuals such as you creating positive change and advocacy out of what is truly an insidious illness with far-reaching effects. Thank you, from both the patient and professional sides, from the bottom of my heart and keep up the fantastic work! Together we can accomplish great things so that the daughters of tomorrow do not have to suffer as we have. Fondly, Heather Guidone, Surgical Program Director, Center for Endometriosis Care / Consultant, Endometriosis Research Center & Endometriosis Foundation of America / former Stage 4 sufferer

  6. As a fellow creative arts therapist i want to compliment you on your innovative idea to get people together to express…you have cut through so many problems with the creation of this site – distance especially. I will watch this site avidly to see how things progress…

  7. I know that Sheila Asato has worked a lot with endometriosis and art… I am sure she would be interested in your work…

  8. This is a great idea. Creating art can be a wonderful and very therapeutic way to assist coping with the pain of endometriosis. I have used it successfully myself and you may be interested to have a look at the 3 part Endometriosis Art Series I created and have used to help raise awareness for the disease.

  9. Wonderful idea! I’m currently enrolling endometriosis patients for a research thesis on patient safety and physician/patient communication. Would you be interested in giving it a shout out?

  10. Where were you years ago when there was little known about endometriosis? I suffered for many years, with pats on the hands from doctors who told me to take panadol and lie down! Thank you, on behalf of current sufferers, for giving them the opportunity to express, focus on and acknowledge their condition. There was an endometriosis study done in Melbourne on the genetic predisposition of family members and carriers (male and female) some years ago of which my family and I were a part.
    Thank you for creating this form of expression and recognition for sufferers.


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