Mangsir, A Truly Special Wedding Month

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A truly special moment being published in Nepal:

Mangsir, A Truly Special Wedding Month


Secret Women’s Business: Living with Endometriosis

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I’m pleased to have my article “Secret Women’s Business: Living with Endometriosis” republished in “Finally at 40, Life Begins” digital edition:

Maya’s Secret

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As part of my ongoing learning related to cross-cultural work, I wrote a story this week called “Maya’s Secret”. It has been published my Nepal blog:

Endometriosis artwork goes to neuroscience conference in Adelaide!

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In the last week I have negotiated the final part of the process and I am pleased to announce that artwork from the “Endometriosis: Online Arts Project” (2010), part of which features in my article in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Arts Therapy (ANZJAT), is going to the NOI 2012 Conference in Adelaide in April:

It is a wonderful leap for endometriosis and art therapy to be featured amongst other patient artwork at a neuroscience conference, and also to be there with speakers on chronic pelvic pain to which the artwork relates.

Graduate Certificate of Business Management (Project Management)

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This week I began the task of juggling Board commitments, new work project planning and returning to study (project management) to work towards a long-term goal of bringing creative arts therapy, women’s health, and the ethical development of projects together. I have to admit to enjoying being a student again and increasing my knowledge in a new – yet related – field.

Women’s Health East (WHE) (Melbourne)

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I’ve just been appointed to the Board of Women’s Health East (WHE) (Melbourne):

Endometriosis Interview

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Here’s a link to an interview I did a couple of months ago on endometriosis for Caroline Burdon AAP, along with Dr. Elizabeth Farrell of Jean Hailes for Women’s Health (Melbourne), on